Botched: Design edition

Let me make this very clear: we judge books by covers. We do. Books, people and BRANDS establish a certain non-verbal impression before any other exchange of information is made.

A surprising amount of my work, comes from people with botched branding.

What I mean by this, is that people get their cousin or some cheap 'designer' to 'just quickly' create a logo in Word for them. And a few months in, they come to me for a makeover.

These makeovers can range from complete do-overs to slight tweaks. Like a good plastic surgeon or makeup artist, I would rather use what you have, using my tips and tricks to enhance what you've already got.

To demonstrate this (and because I've been feeling a little homesick) , I have paid a visit to a few SA brands and reimagined their logos. By using some current design trends I have upgraded these logos to be more current, but still keeping the brand look and feel and still allowing for them to be recognisable.

Please note: IN all the examples, the top logo is the original, while the bottom is my redesigned logo. This if only a conceptual project for the purposes of showing how proper knowledge and skill can be applied to making noteworthy changes.

RSG: A very old school original logo. I applied some 3D effect to their main text, and simplified the graphic to a fading gradient.

BEYERSKLOOF: For their logo I simplified the vine leaf and created a gradient. I also applied a slightly different typeface for the lettering.

Gradients are on the rise and has always been favoured by digital designers as it allows for the illusion of depth and dimension. With printers upping their game in the digital age, it is now possible to create beautiful gradient effects on print as well, adding a modern effect to a classic art form.

MTN: I love this trend of overlapping text. Once again, I applied a gradient, but this time to the background shape. For the text I set the opacity slightly to create this overlap effect - a modern twist on a classic logo.

LION SAFETY MATCHES: I made use of the mono-line trend that is becoming more and more popular in logo design to update this vintage style logo. This is a rather big leap from the original, but I thought to try it out anyway!

Stunning matchbox mockup available here:

FRESHPAK TEA: I love tea. I wanted to copy the 'paper cut' effect to their logo. This is a trend that is picking up, and that mimics the hand crafted look of cutting out letters and shapes from paper, and exposing a layer underneath the cutout.

And there you have it! Whether you are in need of a brand redo or upgrade, applying basic design trends can make a big difference to the perceptions of your brand.

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