Clients I love - Zola Foods: Case study for Brand Guides

The lovely ladies from Zola Foods ( now Zola collective) connected with me when they were just starting out, and I had the pleasure of working with them from scratch on banding, stationery, and packaging. Check them out here:

The reason why Zola Foods has been one of my favourite clients, and why I am super proud of them, is the way that they were able to transition from Zola Foods to Zola Collective while keeping the original vision for the brand intact.

One of my main aims and passions is to help start-up businesses. I do that by providing a detailed brand guide to my clients as a service. A brand guide is a detailed guide to manage the visuals of your brand - everything from social media, packaging, styling , colours and fonts. It allows my client to independently continue growing the brand, and not always having to rely on me (the designer) to make a call when it comes to the graphics. By following these rules, it is easy for a brand to stay consistent throughout. When in doubt, turn to the brand guide!

When the brand guide is adhered to properly, it also makes it possible to expand or even make changes within the brand, without losing the look and feel, and losing the brand identity that we worked so hard on!

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