Hello Myne! Self branding = Self doubt... but it doesn't have to!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Branding is one of my great loves... so why did it take me YEARS (no jokes) to settle on something as simple as Myne Creative Design, accompanied by a handwritten word mark as logo? Because I was taking everything super personally, because it's MY brand, it's a reflection of ME. Finally going solo with my brand has really given me fresh eyes when it comes to branding my clients, and I have created a top 5 round up of things to take into consideration when branding yourself.

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Don't be too literral.

Just because you are a florist does not mean that the word 'florist' or even 'flower' has to be in your brand name or logo. The services you offer can easily be indicated in your tagline. Some of the biggest brands has a brand name and logo that has no direct or obvious link to the product or service, yet everyone know what it is (hello, Apple).

• Keep it simple

Don't try to be too clever about this . Consider you target audience and what they will be able to understand, choose words that are easy to pronounce - I have seen this thought being neglected, with the result of no one being sure what the brand name is and it just turning into a jumble of word and / or sounds. You want clients to hear, recognise, and remember the brand name.

Add a personal touch

In my experience, everyone loves a personal touch to a brand, and what better way to include it than in a name? Maybe it includes a core value, maybe a beautiful memory of someone or something. Maybe it could be symbolic for something else. Spend time on deciding your brand name, however I have noticed that with many clients, the brand name manifests itself, so don’t force it either!

'Myne' is actually the Afrikaans translation of my name Mia, meaning 'mine'. I have always loved the meaning behind my name, and decided to use it as my brand name as it is very personal to me, without referring to me directly in a too obvious way. I also love the way that it claim possession which relates back to branding.

My logo: a hand drawn lettermark. https://www.mynecreativedesign.com/

• Don't overthink it!

I've seen this in clients, and I have seen it in myself. In my experience, the brand name is rarely the downfall of a business. Also, beware off to many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to picking a brand name!

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• Get input

This brings me to me next point. As important as it is to not have too many cooks in the kitchen, it is important to have a second and maybe a third opinion. Get these opinions from trusted sources - someone in your industry that you trust, and I would recommend getting the opinion of a designer / branding specialist as well. As part of the consultation services I offer, I do trend research and look at industry standards. A top tip is to have a few key words when you start the process. If the feedback on your final branding includes these three words, you got it right!

I hope this helps someone somewhere to make the process of self branding a little les daunting. I know it's scary putting yourself out there, but in the end the best thing to do is just close your eyes and hit 'PUBLISH'.

And remember, when al else fails, you can always go back and change it ;)

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