Little by little

Everything is made beautiful in its time. I learned this from a friend, only to later find out that it is written in the Bible (a book that I actually read). I guess we are blind to certain things until it is time for them to come to light.

Like the rest of the world, I am also experiencing a lockdown situation. 2020 threw a curveball at us all. In October 2019 I got on a plane, left my friends and family and the lovely studio I was working at behind, and MOVED TO CHINA. Yes, to China. Because I wanted to gain some more experience in working with other cultures, working with kids, meeting people who have different stories from my own, and travel. This as not been my reality. Instead, I have been forced to take an inward journey, confronting many aspects of myself that I kept moving aside, and maybe even eventually tried running away from by getting on that plane. Trying to rush from one thing to the next, not looking back.

Here is a confession: I am slow. Slower than most. I have always been slow. I was slow to figure out those damn math problems in school. My hormones was slow to kick in. I was slow with finishing up my degrees. I was (am) slow with relationships, slow with being mature enough to show and say certain things.

Upon reflecting on this in my free time, I realised something: Being consistent is more important than going fast. Not stopping. Even if it looks like that to others from a distance, the drive to keep going is so much more important than the speed that you are going at. Finishing the race. Little by little. Don't set expectations that overwhelm and disappoint. Everything is beautiful in its time.

Because I did end up figuring out and solving those problems, my hormones did eventually do what they had to do, and I completed my degrees with far more valuable experiences and insights than I set out to get. I am learning to speak up for myself, and I am building relationships- strong ones.

Realise that, from a distance, others might look at you and think that you are stalling, but you are not. Little by little you will run the race laid out before you, and you will finish on time.

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